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Aeschynanthus Monarda Lisa - Lipstick Plant

Aeschynanthus Monarda Lisa - Lipstick Plant

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Aeschynanthus Mona Lisa (also known as a lipstick plant) features oval green glossy leaves and lipstick-like red flowers. To make the plant look fuller in the pot, take cuttings from longer vines and plant them back in the pot immediately. They will root through very fast while the cut vine will branch out.

  • Light: Happy at bright indirect light. Tolerant to direct sun in winter months.

  • away from cold draughts.

  • Water: Keep the soil moist but not soggy during summer months. Allow soil to dry out slightly between waterings during winter months.

  • Humidity: high humidity, mist regularly.

  • Soil: Well draining potting mix 

  • Fertilizer: Use a balanced liquid fertilizer once a month, during the growing season.

  • Toxicity: non-toxic for pet and people.

It’s not a fussy plant, therefore is great for beginners. 



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