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Anthurium Clarinervium - Giant LaceLeaf

Anthurium Clarinervium - Giant LaceLeaf

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Anthurium are big show offs. Whatever the species, they usually have very elaborate leaves, very strange flowers, or both. They look wonderfully alien. In the wild, they grow in tropical forests in parts of South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Most, but not all, are epiphytes, meaning they grow in crevices in larger plants.

Anthurium clarinervium is quite a rare find. Its leaves are spectacular, while its flowers are rather odd. They’re tiny little pinkish white blooms on a spadix (that’s plant talk for a sticky-out spike), on the end of a very long pink stem. You might be lucky enough to see them yourself if you keep your plant very happy. The best way to do that is with lots of light and regular misting or a steamy room. And give it a feed with liquid fertiliser once per month in spring and summer.

Pet/baby safe

Toxic if ingested

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