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Calathea White Fusion

Calathea White Fusion

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Calathea White Fusion is a magnificent and highly valued house plant for its incredible colouring: large glossy leaves have white stripes and edges and a delicate purple underside.

No wonder it is popularly known as a ‘peacock plant.” 

This Calathea is considered a queen of “prayer plants”, plants from the family Marantaceae, but also a bit of a drama queen. 

Calathea White Fusion is not too difficult to care for, but it tends to be a bit finicky.

If you do not give it the desired humidity and overdo it or underdo it with watering, she is going to show you the errors of your ways. 

If you find the right spot in your home for Calathea White Fusion, it will be the showpiece of your indoor plant collection.

Calathea White Fusion and other Marantaceae plants got the nickname “prayer plants” for their habit of folding at night, like getting ready for prayer.  

 Too much direct sun will cause damage to the leaves, including scorch marks. Keep it out of the full sun for best results.

On the flip side, if there isn’t enough light, its leaves will likely turn yellow, and lower leaves will begin to fall.

14cm Pot

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