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Ficus Elastica Abidjan - Rubber Plant

Ficus Elastica Abidjan - Rubber Plant

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The Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica) could be the ideal houseplant for you if you want a tough but easy going indoor plant that can reach staggering heights within just a few years.

The shiny glossy leaves look great in most homes and although young plants start off small they will fill the space in an empty corner quickly.


Grow away from continuous direct sunlight. Instead give your Rubber Plant a well lit spot with some indirect sun if possible.

The all green types will take some shade and poorly lit spaces, but too much for too long and the plant will become lanky and spindly.

If you have a variegated type you must provide bright indirect light, otherwise If you opt for shade, you'll lose the markings.


The Rubber Plant watering needs are simple - they love a good soaking when they're growing, but dislike constantly damp roots.


You can mist the leaves from time to time when the air is very dry, but really you don't need to worry about humidity levels.



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