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Grape Hyacinth - Muscari

Grape Hyacinth - Muscari

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Grape hyacinths (also known as muscari) are small spring-blooming bulbs, so named because of their tight little flower clusters that resemble grapes. Although the Muscari genus was previously categorized in the Liliaceae family (which also contains true hyacinths), it is now considered to be part of the Asparagaceae, or asparagus family. Look at other members of this family to observe superficial similarities: Lily of the valley, brodiaea lily, and asparagus plants all have flowering umbels that emerge from a central stalk.

Native to Europe and Asia, grape hyacinths are workhorses that can light up the early spring flower garden for years with little to no care. Best planted in fall, grape hyacinths will grow slowly, emerging and blooming the following April or May, and lasting for about three weeks.

Many varieties of grape hyacinths display that rare crystal blue color so many gardeners covet, but they have none of the fussiness that some other blue flowers possess. Other colors are also available; the white, pink, and yellow varieties of grape hyacinth provide a welcome contrast when planted with the blue types.

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