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Handmade by Juliette - A Thousand Petals Room Diffuser

Handmade by Juliette - A Thousand Petals Room Diffuser

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Juliette's White Flowers Room Diffuser is inspired by the lovely, exotic lilies and jasmine flowers which bring colour and scent both in the dark days of winter when we bring them indoors to decorate the house as well as in the summer when their scent fills the air as dusk falls.

Also available as a Fragranced Soy Wax Candle

Instructions for use:

Initially place 4 reeds into the bottle. Allow the scent to travel up the reeds and fragrance your room. Remember to turn the reeds every few days. After each month discard the reeds and replace them with four new reeds. Each diffuser includes 12 reeds so your diffuser will last three months.

All diffusers are hand made in Hastings. All packaging is recyclable

Safety Instructions: Do remember to keep reed diffusers out of reach of children and pets and take care when replacing the reeds to avoid skin and eye contact, or potential damage to surfaces. Full instructions are on the bottom of the diffuser

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