Ludisia Discolour - Jewel orchid

Ludisia Discolour - Jewel orchid

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While most orchids are known for their blooms, the Jewel Orchid is known for its exquisite dark green foliage which features veiny pinstripe patterns. It also produces blooms of white color that are carried by tall thin stalks. 

These jewel orchid flowers bloom during the late fall and early spring season, and they are terrestrial, meaning they grow on the ground, unlike their epiphytic orchid cousins. 

Keep your Jewel Orchid plant in a room with sufficient access to bright but indirect sunlight. When exposed to long hours of direct sunlight, the sun rays could damage the plant’s exquisite foliage. 

Too little sunlight could also be a problem as it could affect the plant’s blooms. A room with a northwards-facing window would be perfect for the potted plant.

You can make use of a light curtain to filter the intensity of the sun’s rays during the mid-day sun.  

you should water the plant once a week during its growing seasons. During the cold winter season, limit watering to once every 2 to 3 weeks. 

A good practice to avoid overwatering the plant is by letting the topmost part of the soil dry out a little before the next watering session. You can use a moisture meter to measure the soil’s moisture level.