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Maranta Facinator (Prayer Plant)

Maranta Facinator (Prayer Plant)

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The green foliage of this Maranta plant are threaded with bright red veins, as well as a beautifully patterns of yellow-green splotches.

 The more mature plants often develop a delightful trailing habit. The leaves tend to fold up at night - which is why they are commonly referred to as prayer plants.

During the summer months it is important to fertilize as they thrive with some extra nutrition. Fluctuating conditions like irregular watering and drastic drop in temperatures will show visibly on the plant leaves. This is often due to fungal infection that is caused by root rot and will inevitably kill the plant. Marantas that are exposed to too much sun during the day will have colour fade and/or brown spots that grow on their leaves.

They do prefer rainwater where tap water can have high content of salt, minerals and fluoride. Leave tap water out overnight before watering most tropical plants. 

12cm pot

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