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Nertera Mix - Coral Bead Plant, Coral Moss or English Baby Tears

Nertera Mix - Coral Bead Plant, Coral Moss or English Baby Tears

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This semi-tropical plant has a dense growth of tiny dark green leaves, which look remarkably similar to baby’s tears (Soleirolia soleirolii). During the early summer months, the plant blooms in a profusion of small white flowers. Long lasting berries follow the blossoming stage and may completely cover the foliage in a riot of orange red color resembling that of a pincushion.

To entice blooming and the production of berries, move the coral bead plant outside in the spring but in a semi-shaded area to protect from the harsh sun. If the coral bead plant is kept too warm, it will be a foliage plant only, lacking in berries, although still attractive. Coral bead likes an evenly moist soil. As flowers bloom and berries begin to form in the springtime, increase your watering regime to ensure moist soil during summer months. Leaves should be misted daily during the bloom period until berries have begun to form. Do not mist too often, however, or the plant could rot.

Growers of the coral bead plant should wait until the soil dries between watering during the winter and fall months and keep the plant in a place where the temperature is above 8 C.

Poisonous for pets: Toxic to cats and dogs

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