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Pachira Aquatica

Pachira Aquatica

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The Pachira aquatica is a popular evergreen foliage plant with promise of great fortune, financial prosperity and positive energy, according to both ancient Asian folklore and Masters in the art of Feng Shui

The Pachira genus name is derived from an ancient language native to Guyana, where it translates to “sweet water nut”.  Its Latin translation, however, means “aquatic”. This is in reference to its natural water-loving root system and growing nature.

There’s a symbolic story its “Money Tree” moniker:

A poor man was praying for money and found a rather odd-looking plant. Thinking this was an omen, he took the plant home, and in time, propagated its seeds. The poor man made money from selling new plants grown from the Pachira’s seeds, and was a poor man no longer.

Because of this inspiring story, it’s a very popular symbolic plant in Asia, said to bring good fortune and financial prosperity to all who own one.

Pachiras require quite a high light environment. Gradually introduce yours to this kind of light after the darker winter months. Indirect filtered sunlight is best, avoiding the hot midday sun, as this can scorch the leaves.  Find a sheltered spot, away from radiators and drafts: somewhere you can periodically rotate your plant. This is necessary for balanced foliage growth, as their leaves grow outwards in search of the light.

Although the Pachira aquatica is a water-loving plant, you must take care not to over-water it (as with all potted plants). Its natural habitat is a very different environment, where weather systems determine both wet and dry periods. These ensure that the plant has just the right amount of water to survive.
In a home habitat, your plant still needs wet and dry periods to keep it healthy.

Excessive water around the roots can cause rot, and further problems arise once the air is cooler and the growing period has passed.

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