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Pilea Depressa - Depressed Clearweed

Pilea Depressa - Depressed Clearweed

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The Pilea Depressa is a miniature vine that goes by many names, the most popular of which being depressed clearweed.

It is a small plant with tiny but prominent thick, green-colored scalloped leaves. While they also bloom white flowers during the spring, it is its quarter inch long round leaves that make it very attractive, especially when clumped up together.

When it matures, this evergreen climber can reach between 20 to 40 inches high and get as wide as 20 inches from side to side. This makes them low growing compared to many other similar plants.

Due to these features, it is versatile enough to be displayed in different ways.

Indoors, they’re often grown in containers and either placed on the ground or tabletops. High shelves and hanging baskets do just as well because of their trailing characteristics. Their size also makes them a popular terrarium plant.

Being natives of Brazil and Mexico, the pilea depressa is well-suited for indoor conditions. 


5.5cm pot

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